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OFFICE / Warehouse / Medical

Supreme Clean solutions makes the cleanliness of your office our top priority. We realise that as an employer you want to ensure your premises are presented as clean and fresh for the comfort of both your clients and your staff. Our expert staff take pride in their work and guarantee the immaculate presentation of your office space, without disturbing sensitive documents or equipment.

Schools, Aged n Child care Centres

You get the best quality job as we draw on more than 7 years experience supplying high quality cleaning and maintenance services for businesses organizations and residential properties such as yours. By choosing us you can be rest assured that your facility, project or property will be impeccably maintained and will reflect the professional image and cleanliness standard you wish to project to your clients, employees and guests.

Home Clean

In spite of being a small company we approach our business professionally: we are on time for the appointments, we maintain insurance, we pay attention to our client’s needs and wants.
We are small company without franchise contracts, therefore our prices are on the lower side of the market. The final quote will be given after the initial visit that will determine the volume of work to be completed to satisfy requests of the client.

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Please note clicking on our  online booking icon sends you to our contact page....clicking again on our online booking icon sends you to our online booking site where you can book our services at your leisure.
We love our job, and you will be happy with the performance of the Supreme Clean team, please note that we bill a minimum of two work hours for any Supreme Clean service.  Sometimes our husband n wife team will be responsible for your clean and they may only spend one hour but billed as two hour work block ( 2people x 1hour results in 2 hour billing cycle), pretty simple stuff really.  


Our Supreme Cleaning Services May Include...
Cleaning of Restrooms & Showers
  • Scrubbing of all toilets, showers, partitions and sinks
  • Disinfecting of all counters, stall walls, fixtures, fittings, and push plates with our hospital-grade, eco-friendly disinfectant.
Cleaning of Reception areas and cabins
  • Emptying of bins
  • Sanitising of tables and common areas
  • Wipe over desks
  • Sanitise telephones, computer screens and keyboards with our hospital-grade, eco-friendly sanitiser
Cleaning of Carpet Areas
  • Daily vacuuming and spot treatments of carpet areas
  • Fixed carpet steam cleaning schedule to keep your carpets clean, fresh and germ free.

Its the day after the big occasion, you dont feel up to it...... Dont worry you made arrangements with us, we be there to clean n tidy.

You need to be there,,,,need to be here....havent got the time to do this clean.   Leave it to us..... We will save you.

We use the Dry vibration clean system.  Supreme carpet clean.

Spring into life and do that clean you promised you would do ... Or get our team on to it .... and we get to work refreshing your home or office.   One only spring cleans, monthly clean, weekly service.  You decide and we will be there.


Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry 
We can do your supreme home clean and your Laundry either at your home.   Or we take away and return it all clean n fresh apon our next visit.

Interior Walls
 We can scrub n clean to give your walls that bright fresh look.
Interior Windows

Inside Oven
 Tough gig these can be.......Allow our supreme clean team to tackle this difficult job and be surprised.

Inside Cabinets
 Your cabinets a little furry or sticky, no problems.   Our team can get on to it and scrub them issues away.